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Umika Mediratta

Umika Mediratta

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A Train Journey
A Train Journey ..
Ex Tax: Rs.150,000.00
The Realm Between Subconscious and Reality
The Realm Between Subconscious and Reality ..
Ex Tax: Rs.150,000.00
To See What The Visible Is Hiding
To See What The Visible Is Hiding ..
Ex Tax: Rs.140,000.00
Interpersonal Relations
Interpersonal Relations ..
Ex Tax: Rs.130,000.00
Umika Mediratta

“My work is an assimilation of representative objects and ambiguous spaces that include interior architectural fragments, outdoor and nature.

My ideas depict incidents of daily life, the society that surrounds me and thoughts which occur perpetually to a human being. This jumble of forms creates a psychological and abstract quality in my paintings.

I enlarge the mundane objects where the form becomes space and vice-versa thereby causing a dilemma.

There is a vivid use of bright contrasting colors and pastel shades but the finish has a distinct non-glossy quality that I have devised, that is also an extension of my own inner nature.”


Umika Mediratta ( B. 1990 in Raipur, Chhasttisgarh ) – Completed her graduation from an art college in Santiniketan, Bengal.

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