Tanushree Ghosh

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Samudra Manthan (Churning of the Ocean by the Gods and the Demons)
Samudra Manthan (Churning of the Ocean by the Gods and the Demons) ..
Ex Tax: Rs.120,000.00
Shivani ..
Ex Tax: Rs.60,000.00
Ganesh Janani
Ganesh Janani ..
Ex Tax: Rs.30,000.00
Vasant (Spring)
Vasant (Spring) ..
Ex Tax: Rs.70,000.00
Sthiti ..
Ex Tax: Rs.80,000.00
Apsaras ..
Ex Tax: Rs.70,000.00
Durga ..
Ex Tax: Rs.80,000.00
Shakti ..
Ex Tax: Rs.50,000.00
Tanushree Ghosh

“My mission in life is to keep the traditional Indian style wash painting alive.

Wash paintings are nearly becoming extinct, and there are not many who wish to learn this rigorous technique that demands a lot of time and effort.

It is a style of art where water is used along with paint – in very small amounts – and the paper has to be dried many times, before another brush stroke can be applied over it.

It involves a lot of labor and patience to recreate the soothing transparent hallowed effect that is typical of wash paintings.

My subjects are always sourced from Indian religion and culture; but the way I tend to draw the forms have a sublime modern quality about them – since my consciousness, carries aspects of both – tradition, as well as modernity.

I sincerely hope that in our times, this traditional Indian style of painting will begin to be appreciated by all, once again.”


Tanushree Ghosh ( B. in 1985 in Howrah ) – She has completed her Masters from an art college in Kolkata. She lives and works in Howrah, Bengal.

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