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Sumita Sahoo

Sumita Sahoo

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My Favorite Place
My Favorite Place ..
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My Favorite Dress
My Favorite Dress ..
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Relation I
Relation I ..
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Relation II
Relation II ..
Ex Tax: Rs.80,000.00
Sumita Sahoo

“My works, primarily based upon attachments of various kinds, are rooted from deep personal feelings which often take representation of an object.

The common stapler is used to depict attachments, which can be both negative and positive in their nature.

Even though some relationships are very painful, yet we cannot break away from them due to various other reasons, and sometimes, we also don’t want to, because of attachment.

Indian spirituality tries to teach how to free ourselves from our attachments, and liberate ourselves from strong emotions, which are rooted from the ego.

But somehow, we cannot do that, or understand how to free ourselves from our attachments, or even want to, and get used to a life full of daily dose of attachments, that somehow comforts us as well.”


Sumita Sahoo ( B. in 1985 in Kolkata ) – She is completing her Masters from an art college in Kalyani, Bengal.