Sudip Saha

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Red Light District
Red Light District ..
Ex Tax: Rs.150,000.00
The Sleep
The Sleep ..
Ex Tax: Rs.160,000.00
Sudip Saha

“The conscious and the unconscious both play a role in my works, which are a representation of what I experience within my surroundings.

Themes of my works vary from one subject to another, and I am more comfortable in this manner of expression.

The art college that I attended in Kolkata was close to an area where there are lots of shops selling used car parts. I used to study them, and machines often appear in my works.

Now I am in South India, where the miniature style is very popular, and that influence I have translated into the work titled ‘Red Light District’.

My works contain serigraphy that I paint over with acrylic.”


Sudip Saha ( B. in 1987 in Kolkata ) – Completing his Masters at an art college in Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh.

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