Subha Basu

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The Man In The Mirror
The Man In The Mirror ..
Ex Tax: Rs.60,000.00
Everyday Search
Everyday Search ..
Ex Tax: Rs.45,000.00
Breaking News
Breaking News ..
Ex Tax: Rs.140,000.00
Resting With Heaviness
Resting With Heaviness ..
Ex Tax: Rs.90,000.00
Light And Lightness
Light And Lightness ..
Ex Tax: Rs.70,000.00
The Crawl Of Search
The Crawl Of Search ..
Ex Tax: Rs.22,000.00
Subha Basu

“I think an artist wants to frame his or her daily experiences. In this way, art becomes a cultural document of time.

Consciously or subconsciously the subjects of my paintings have been collected from my surroundings and daily life.

My images go through many transformations till they get their final shape.

Sometimes I discover something profound within the simple daily acts of staring into a mirror, looking outside through a window, or even the way one chooses to rest and read a newspaper.

The way my figures bend, or take shape, tend to convey an emotion or a feeling to depict the inner reality of a character that functions as a metaphor of a certain prevalent mindset or attitude of our times.

I think my images are representative of the society where I belong.”


Subha Basu ( B. 1982 in Kolkata ) – Completed his Masters from an art college. He now lives and works in Kolkata.

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