Sreya Sarkar

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The Gossip
The Gossip ..
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Me And My Favorite Things
Me And My Favorite Things ..
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And I Cry For More
And I Cry For More ..
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Face ..
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Sreya Sarkar

“My works are a reflection of what I feel, see, understand or even do not understand about my surroundings, the people and the life I live.

The day to day life of constant activities – the confinement of living a city life – along with the structural rigidity - the observation of man as a creature— 

his animal instincts — his instinctive herd mentality — his surroundings—the elements — objects of daily use – time: passive and sometimes contrastingly high paced,

get reflected through my expressions.

I see man as a mere creature. The physical form of the human has been distorted in my works to expose the inner animal.

Life with all it's colors and a constant fight of man to prove himself above his beastly birth has been expressed through my print making and the unruly lines of my drawings.”


Sreya Sarkar ( B. in 1983 in Kolkata ) – Completed her Masters from an art college in Kolkata, where she lives and works.

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