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Shipping & Payment


Bodhi Tree Monastery of Art ( BTMOA ) offers free shipping, in a rolled state, to anywhere in the world.

The rolled canvas is packed professionally with high quality materials, and placed inside a tube, and sent through courier.

If you want to us to send you the framed work in a box; then extra charges will be applicable for framing, packing and shipping (depending upon the destination of the shipment).

There are few works which cannot be rolled; additional charges for packing and shipping will be applicable, as indicated.

Collectors, from within India, will be able to deposit cash/cheque to any branch of ICICI Bank, located in any Indian city, or transfer the payment through account-to-account electronic transfer.

Collectors, from outside India, can transfer the payment through on-line bank-to-bank/account-to-account transfer, or pay through Paypal by using a credit card.

Once, you buy a particular painting, and go to your shopping cart (in the footer) and submit the order the form, you will receive a mail from us, that will offer you the payment options.

Once the payment has been made, and credited to our account, the shipment, along with "The Authentication Certificate", is delivered within 7-14 days.

Collectors based in Kolkata, will get a discount of 5-10%, since packing and shipping charges won't be applicable.

And with your kind permission, we would mention your name/company/ organization, city and country – along with the name and the image of the art collected (optional), under a list that will be included in the portal, as 'Patrons of Art'.

The artists will hold the right to sell 'limited edition signed prints' of the collected art, through the portal.

The Experiential Realism Behind The Payment System


"We have taken a decision not to fully automate the payment system because of one primary reason.

We wish to prevent speculative collection, where the intention is to buy in bulk, and sell the works, in pieces.

Indian Art Market witnessed a bubble few years ago, where prices of art increased to astronomical levels, just overnight!

This bubble was fuelled by greed and speculation, and also encouraged criminality where a 'fake art' industry cropped up, and many collectors were deceived.

Many emerging artists were exploited by such speculators, who bought art from them in bulk, at very nominal prices, and then re-sold the art to make huge profits, of which no percentage went to the artists.

Art was being traded like commodities, and everything was mired with corruption, connivance, greed and murkiness.

The very idea and spirit of Art was being destroyed.

Fortunately, the 'bubble' soon burst, but the genuine collectors and art lovers completely lost their faith and trust upon the 'system', and the booming art market collapsed.

Hence, we understand that the arrival of the very first contemporary art movement in India, with a defined 'ism', may again attract the speculators.

If such a speculator buys a bulk of art through a fully automated payment gateway, then we will have no option but to hand over the art, since the speculator would have already paid for it.

This may again create a bubble; genuine art lovers and art collectors may not get the opportunity to collect any of the art, and we may be misled in assessing the actual interest and the demand.

Hence, we have decided to reserve the right to sell or not to sell!

If a buyer submits a 'bulk' order, then we will be suspicious of the actual motive of the buyer, and would ask for an explanation. And if we are not convinced, we won't offer art in bulk to that buyer, and we can do that, because, buyer would only have submitted an order form, and had made no payment.

Any institution or company that wishes to place a bulk order will have to do so, by writing to us, separately.

We wish to serve art, the art lovers, the artists and the genuine art collectors, who collect out of appreciation and love, and we wish to take exciting contemporary art to the world, through our enterprise.

And we understand the absolute need to keep out the 'practices' of the old system, and neutralize greed and speculation.

Hence, we have created this system of placing an order, assessing the order and then accepting the payment.

But by doing that, there is a possibility of an inconvenience that may occur to a genuine art collector.

It will take us 24-72 hours to mark a piece of art, as sold. (And it may take even longer, if there are public holidays)

Within this period, a genuine collector might also place an order for the same piece of art.

And if this happens, that a genuine collector has placed an order, and we cannot offer him/her that art, because it got collected, then we will offer a 5% discount on any other available art, to compensate for the inconvenience.

We sincerely hope that you will kindly understand and appreciate the sense, the spirit, the reason and the concern behind our decision.

Cheers and Best Regards."

Devdan Chaudhuri, Founder,Owner & Chief Creative