Shatabdi Dutta

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Everyday Literature
Everyday Literature ..
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The City In Our Self
The City In Our Self ..
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Mechanized Living
Mechanized Living ..
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Shatabdi Dutta

“My paintings depict our existence in our world, where the world around us has somehow entered the world within our own self!

And sometimes, those influences from the world around us distort and shape our inner world, and very often, in a negative sense.

Forces of culture and society tend to make us behave in the manner they desire, rather than how we wish to behave and conduct our lives.

Sometimes, our freedom to act the way we would want, gets taken away from us, and we don’t even realize that enormous loss.

And most of us, don’t even realize that we are not being our true self, but rather trying to be someone else – a falsity that the world expects us to be.

My figures are often depicted without a face, as they represent not only an individual, but a society, as well.”


Shatabdi Dutta ( B. 1983 in Kolkata) – Completed her Masters from an art college in Kolkata.

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