Art Camps are a great way to support artists and to collect art. BTMOA are keen to organize art camps for establishments/ hotels and for private collectors.

If you wish to sponsor an art camp, within India, or even abroad, kindly write to us, and we will send our proposal.

Dalai Lama

BTMOA accepts commissioned work, including portraits. If you wish to have a portrait of a family member or any personality, kindly write to us.

A commissioned portrait of HH Dalai Lama XIV was presented to His Holiness to mark the occasion of Kalachakra 2012 in Bodh Gaya.


BTMOA offers consultancy to establishments/hotels and to private collectors, and accepts bulk order for a project like a new hotel/office/home.

We offer the works stemming from the very first contemporary art movement in India –‘experiential realism’, and offer them at refreshing prices.


BTMOA offers its gallery in Swiss Park, Kolkata, for exhibitions from October to March at a very nominal subsidized rate. If you are an artist, from India or from abroad, who wish to hold an exhibition, then kindly write to us.

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