Ranajit Das

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Story Of Bharat And India I
Story Of Bharat And India I ..
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Story Of Bharat And India II
Story Of Bharat And India II ..
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Story Of Bharat And India III
Story Of Bharat And India III ..
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Ranajit Das

“I was born in a village, and later I saw what India is – the urban India, with all its trends, things and modernity that almost came to me as a culture shock!

I felt like a complete ignoramus who knew nothing about ‘India’, and only had experienced the inner heartland, where life is very different, even now, and my village seemed to be located in some other country!

But I was curious about India, as an idea, and still trying to comprehend, how time flows so fast in a city, yet so slowly in my village!

My works try to present the two worlds – my experiences in my village and my experiences of a modern city.

Hence, all my works tend to portray a country where both – India and Bharat – are woven together and the two worlds exist simultaneously.

This is probably a more real representation of our unique nation where opposites are always true, and the two worlds can simultaneously exist in time, but with a different sense of time, space and reality.”


Ranajit Das ( B. in the village of Hatkanda, Burdwan ) – Graduated from an art college in Santiniketan,Bengal. He lives and works in his village.

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