Ramakrishna Malo

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Journey I
Journey I ..
Ex Tax: Rs.60,000.00
Journey II
Journey II ..
Ex Tax: Rs.80,000.00
Journey III
Journey III ..
Ex Tax: Rs.120,000.00
Journey VI
Journey VI ..
Ex Tax: Rs.90,000.00
Journey IV
Journey IV ..
Ex Tax: Rs.120,000.00
Ramakrishna Malo

“Urban congestion and life within an ordered chaos are the subjects of my works. But instead of painting a local train, bursting with people, I am more comfortable to depict the ‘idea’ in geometric forms that appeals more to my sensibilities.

Disorder, lack of space and a constant congestion, within our urban existence, both in the terms of the physical and the mental, are the subjects of my expressions.

Yet somehow, these various elements of congestion exist in a sublime pattern of an ‘ordered chaos’, that is the reality of our lives, and within which, we are trying to find meaning and fighting to realize our dreams.

This truth, I wish to express through my works, which are always rooted from deep feelings, everyday experiences and my sense of being.”


Ramakrishna Malo ( B. in 1983 in New Barrackpore, 24 Parganas- North ) – Attended an art college in Kolkata, where he lives and works.

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