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Raju Tota

Raju Tota

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There is Still Famine in Our World II
There is Still Famine in Our World II ..
Ex Tax: Rs.50,000.00
Something Faraway is Also Near
Something Faraway is Also Near ..
Ex Tax: Rs.80,000.00
Home ..
Ex Tax: Rs.90,000.00
Souvenir ..
Ex Tax: Rs.40,000.00
There is Still Famine in Our World I
There is Still Famine in Our World I ..
Ex Tax: Rs.60,000.00
Raju Tota

“My works stem from my personal experiences. All the forms, which find an expression in them, are fragments of my memories, and the textures are my feelings.

When I was growing up, there was a famine like condition in my village, that left a deep impression that still haunts me and creates confusion about the ‘reason’ for life itself.

That confusion translates into feelings, which I represent through the use of black-white-grey – the colors which dominate my emotions, and my inner sense of being.

Deep rooted personal memories, unconscious impulses and feelings are released through my works, which somehow comforts me, and I see them, as a philosophical portrayal of truth.”


Raju Tota ( B. in 1989 in the village of Baruva, Andra Pradesh) – He is doing his Masters from an art college in Kolkata.