Pooja Mendhekar

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Butterfly ..
Ex Tax: Rs.190,000.00
The Spiral Galaxy Of A Rose
The Spiral Galaxy Of A Rose ..
Ex Tax: Rs.160,000.00
Freedom ..
Ex Tax: Rs.110,000.00
Atom ..
Ex Tax: Rs.80,000.00
Homecoming ..
Ex Tax: Rs.40,000.00
Mother Universe
Mother Universe ..
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Love May Slip Away
Love May Slip Away ..
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Reality Behind The Makeup
Reality Behind The Makeup ..
Ex Tax: Rs.40,000.00
Pooja Mendhekar

“Commonly a girl or a woman always seems to hide her inner wears from being visible but in my works the bra is the protagonist.

Bra is a necessity, but also symbolic of the hidden, the invisible and the silent.It is also a metaphor for attachment and the feminine heart.

It is not something simply erotic or shameful, to be displayed in public – as the male perspective would perceive, but symbolic of soulful femininity and the universal feminine power latent in the universe.

I tend to form a story as an abstract. Multiple numbers of bras attached to each other in a spiral formation depict a more sensitive feeling of unity among all women, who often have to face the similar challenges in their lives, wherever they are, in a male dominated world.

The world needs the soulful feminine energy to flourish and counter the aggression of the masculine energy that often lacks sensitivity and care that our society dearly needs.

Memories of my journey from childhood till now, also occur within my works, which essentially deals with the feminine identity and her existence in our world.”

Pooja Mendhekar ( B. 1987  in Nagpur, Maharashtra ) – Completed her Masters from an art college in Santiniketan, Bengal.

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