Pitambar Khan

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I Wish To Cut Off the Crap
I Wish To Cut Off the Crap ..
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Motion Picture
Motion Picture ..
Ex Tax: Rs.110,000.00
Morning Nightmare
Morning Nightmare ..
Ex Tax: Rs.60,000.00
Pitambar Khan

“I grew up in a working class environment and was always fascinated by the ‘popular’ images which are painted on the back of the trucks.

These images move from one place to the other, many people see them and a cultural introduction happens when trucks from different regions and states – with their own popular images – travel all over India.

By carrying graffiti and images, the trucks serve as the cultural ambassadors of diverse cultures and religions, and ultimately signify – unity in diversity – the most significant characteristic of India.

I started out painting the images and the graffiti which I saw on trucks and buses, but now I paint the images from my own creative consciousness, and like to imagine that these ‘moving’ images are now travelling all over the country on the body of the working class vehicles.”


Pitambar Khan ( B. 1985 in the village of Bar Samudra, Howrah ) – He is doing his Masters in an art college in Santiniketan, Bengal.

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