Mithun Das

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Existence ..
Ex Tax: Rs.90,000.00
Middle Finger
MEDIUM  -  Mixed media on canvas YEAR      -  &n..
Ex Tax: Rs.70,000.00
Aquatic Flower
Aquatic Flower ..
Ex Tax: Rs.120,000.00
Mithun Das

“My works stem from the unconscious, and a meditative state, where I feel that the paintings get created through me.

 There is an uncanny fear or an unexplained anxiety that haunts me.

 And there is also a search for self-identity and a deep desire to fulfill some need that I cannot comprehend.

Somehow, with such an odd mix of feelings and impulses, I feel a wave of positiveness when I am within the process of creation, 

that I feel, is controlled by someone else inside of me.”


Mithus Das ( B. 1986 in the village of Raipur, 24 Parganas-South ) –  He graduated from an art college in Kolkata, where he lives and works.

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