Kalikrishna Bhattacharya

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Lamentation ..
Ex Tax: Rs.60,000.00
Behind The Wire
Behind The Wire ..
Ex Tax: Rs.50,000.00
 First Look
 First Look ..
Ex Tax: Rs.40,000.00
Street Violence
Street Violence ..
Ex Tax: Rs.60,000.00
Frozen Memory
Frozen Memory ..
Ex Tax: Rs.60,000.00
Realities Within Childhood Dreams
Realities Within Childhood Dreams ..
Ex Tax: Rs.65,000.00
Wish To Learn Wisdom
Wish To Learn Wisdom ..
Ex Tax: Rs.70,000.00
Lurking Danger Within The Play Of Life
Lurking Danger Within The Play Of Life ..
Ex Tax: Rs.110,000.00
The Wait
The Wait ..
Ex Tax: Rs.120,000.00
Kalikrishna Bhattacharya

“Our society and its practices leave an indelible impression on our mind. These acts have enough potential to alter our consciousness. The changes in social pattern affect me. I belong to a small village that has witnessed social and political turmoil and violence.

Today, we all live in an age where suffering has become a part of our life. Human relations are changing and people are turning hostile and selfish. And I try to narrate the varied moods and situations of our times.

The textures in my canvases play an important role where the surface conveys the different layers of human trauma.

I am also engaged in experimenting with different mediums to explore the immense possibilities that art offers, to stand as a witness and a protest to the injustice and violence of our times.”


Kalikrishna Bhattacharya ( B. 1983 in the village of Ratanpur, Birbhum ) – Son of a farmer, he finished his Masters from an art college in Santiniketan, Bengal, where he lives and works.

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