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Journey of Art
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A Brief History of Journey of Art

In the year 2010, Bodhi Tree Monastery of Art (BTMOA) initiated and organized the first and only National Level Event for Young & Emerging Artists from Bengal, called The Journey of Art(comprising of Bengal Art Talent Hunt, Jodhpur Art Camp & Kolkata Exhibition of the Talent Hunt Winners).

The prime objectives were to identity the best emerging talents from Bengal, to promote young talented artists who require support and encouragement, to give real talent the opportunity to showcase their works, to provide a national level exposure to the young artists from Bengal and to provide a platform where the artists and the buyers/art collectors/ critic scan interact and share ideas.

The event received an enthusiastic response from the artists, garnered a lot general interest and was well supported by the press and the media.

After the success of 2010, Journey of Art is now an annual event, and the third edition is happening in 2012, as well.

In 3 years, over 500 artists were evaluated, 72 artists were called for the interviews, which decided the 12 winners in 2010, 10 winners in 2011 &&12 winners in 2012.(The works of nearly all the winners are represented in this art portal)

BTMOA would like to extend its sincere gratitude to Shri Manekraj Goliya, noted art patron & collector, and the sponsor of Jodhpur Art Camp (part of Journey of Art event), for his gracious inspiration, advise and patronage. Without his sponsorship for the 14 day Jodhpur Art Camp, the Journey of Art event wouldn’t have happened.

We also extend our sincere gratitude to Honorable Chief Minister of Bengal, Smt. Mamata Banerjee for encouraging the artists and BTMOA by sending us an official message/ letter of best wishes for the Kolkata Exhibition of Bengal Art Talent Hunt Winners 2010 & 2011 – held at The Palladian Lounge, Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry, during December 2011.

"During the interviews, we also found great stories of struggle, resilience and hard work behind all the winning artists ." – Santasree Chaudhuri, Entrepreneur & Woman Activist, and part of the selection committee.

There is an artist, the only son of a widowed mother, who comes from a village in Burdwan. He stays in a hostel in Kolkata, whose walls and floors are so damp, that he sleeps on the ground and keeps his art on the bed .

There is an artist, from Halisahar, who despite being a very good student, didn’t pursue safe career options such as engineering / IT and opted to follow his heart instead.

"All the artists have few things in common – they were born with the love of art, their talent surfaced very early in their lives and they value the soulful satisfaction of the creative process, and are willing to encounter all struggles to remain true to their dreams and talent." – Devdan Chaudhuri.

"The stories are truly inspiring and we congratulate the winners , not only for winning the talent hunt, but also for holding on to endearing values and principles of hard work , honesty and truth , and more so, for listening to the voice of heart and soul ." – Santasree Chaudhuri.

"All the talent winners have already developed a distinctive individual style and expression in their works, which is very promising" – Arnab Basu, Eminent Artist , and part of the selection committee.

"The art camp in Jodhpur was an experience of a life-time. KhaasBagh Heritage Hotel – the venue of the art camp, has the perfect ambience and infrastructure. We also travelled in and around Jodhpur, and enjoyed the sun soaked colors of Rajasthan" – Sumantra Mukherjee, winner in 2010, and part of BTMOA team (2011 & 2012).

We thank all those who have helped us in our endeavor and specially thank the press & media for their support.

And, now through this art portal, the works of the talented artists of India will travel to the world!