Debasish Garai

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Power Crush
Power Crush ..
Ex Tax: Rs.60,000.00
Reality Happens Through One’s Own Self
Reality Happens Through One’s Own Self ..
Ex Tax: Rs.50,000.00
The Divided
The Divided ..
Ex Tax: Rs.95,000.00
Debasish Garai

“The subjects of my works stem from my own experiences, and they try to express many different realities or sub-realities which comprise the overall reality of life.

A music coming from a same source is felt differently by different people, makes me understand that life and its reality only happens through one’s own self.

What gives power is often get destroyed by those who benefitted from that power.

Or the great divides which tend to occur in most of the relationships in our time.

All these realizations are portrayed through different themes, moods and flavor.

Variety is a feature of my works.

I depict whatever touches me, and use forms and objects as symbolic elements.”


Debasish Garai ( B. in 1976 in Kolkata ) – Self-taught artist who works and lives in Kolkata.

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