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Biswajit Roy

Biswajit Roy

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Urban Migration I (Disguise)
Urban Migration I (Disguise) ..
Ex Tax: Rs.150,000.00
Urban Migration II ( Disguise II )
Urban Migration II ( Disguise II ) ..
Ex Tax: Rs.90,000.00
Biswajit Roy

“Migration or urban migration fascinates me, especially those who belong to the working class, and I somehow can relate to them, through my own experiences in life.

The people who migrate to a city, due to a variety of social factors, are treated very grimly by the city they choose to make their home.

This truth I represent through the wood-cut print in the background of my works.

The use of wood-cut print gives a different dimension to my works, and adds to the atmosphere that I seek to portray.

I see the migrated people as very colorful, who does many innovative things like dressing up as gods or painting their faces, just to make a living.

They always seek to add color to their lives, which offers nothing but hardships and challenges, which never seem to deter them, even though they spend their lives on the pavements and the side-walks of a city that always treats them with utmost severity and harshness.”


Biswajit Roy( B. in 1984 in New Jalpaiguri, Bengal ) - He is completing his Masters at an art college in Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh.