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Anjana Karmakar

Anjana Karmakar

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Woman IV
Woman IV ..
Ex Tax: Rs.22,000.00
Woman V
Woman V ..
Ex Tax: Rs.40,000.00
Composition 1
Composition 1 ..
Ex Tax: Rs.35,000.00
The Flow of Heaviness
The Flow of Heaviness ..
Ex Tax: Rs.50,000.00
Woman I
Woman I ..
Ex Tax: Rs.22,000.00
Woman II
Woman II ..
Ex Tax: Rs.22,000.00
Woman III
Woman III ..
Ex Tax: Rs.22,000.00
Anjana Karmakar

“My works are done with brush, but they have a pen-like effect, that I like.

I want to create my own stylization, and the sense of flow and movement appeals to me.

I depict women and their issues in life, and tend to place them in a background that becomes symbolic of an emotional darkness or heaviness.

Even the shape or the movement of the forms tends to suggest a story.

Nature and other aspects of human life are also represented in my works.”


Anjana Karmakar ( B. in 1985 in Kolkata ) – Completed her graduation from an art college in Kolkata, where she lives and works.