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Anindya Bag

Anindya Bag

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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday ..
Ex Tax: Rs.40,000.00
Classroom Dreaming
Classroom Dreaming ..
Ex Tax: Rs.45,000.00
Take Me To A Better Place
Take Me To A Better Place ..
Ex Tax: Rs.35,000.00
Anindya Bag

“Right from my childhood whatever I have observed, liked, disliked, lost or received, and the way I have been treated by the world or the way I want the world to be, are symbolically reflected in my works.

My figures or objects are close to realism but they are placed on an imaginative background of flat color. My canvas becomes a stage, giving my subjects enough space to express and interact.

I like to tell a story through my art.

I mix realism and imagination, to express a visual narrative to make a social comment that more often deals with issues of children”


Anindya Bag ( B. in 1977 in Kolkata ) – Completed his graduation from an art college in Kolkata, where he lives and works.

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