Abhijit Paul

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Neo Urban Scape II
Neo Urban Scape II ..
Ex Tax: Rs.110,000.00
Urban Landscape IV
Urban Landscape IV ..
Ex Tax: Rs.55,000.00
Urban Landscape I
Urban Landscape I ..
Ex Tax: Rs.130,000.00
Neo Urban Scape I
Neo Urban Scape I ..
Ex Tax: Rs.55,000.00
Urban Landscape III
Urban Landscape III ..
Ex Tax: Rs.80,000.00
Abhijit Paul

“Landscape essentially suggests the natural world to our minds, but I tend to view the city, with its diverse elements, as urban landscapes.

Cities all over the developing world including Kolkata, are changing their appearance; the arrival of the new architecture and trends of modernity are changing the character and essence of the cities.

Architecture seems to influence the way people live and behave.

Every building releases a certain essence into the surroundings, and can influence or alter human behavior.

Buildings like shopping malls or glass-box office buildings tend to portray a certain element in them that often leads to the creation of certain attitudes and ways of thinking.

I try to capture this changing urban landscape through my works, and often include elements from the urban life, as I experience them.”


Abhijit Paul ( B. in 1983 in Kolkata ) – Completed his Masters from an art college in Kolkata, where he lives and works.

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